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Benefits of asbestos bhasma in hindi

Asbestos Bhasma is a medicine that contains both herbal and mineral and is very useful for the treatment of asthma, urinary diseases, skin diseases, high blood pressure, heart diseases, chronic cough, impotence and paralysis etc. Lets learn more about abhrak bhasma benefits in hindi.

Asbestos Consumption Materials | Abhrak bhasma material

Asbestos Bhasma is actually cold asbestos ash, which is prepared by mixing sap, juice and decoction of many types of plants.

It also contains minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, aluminum.

Apart from this, asbestos is also found in Ayurvedic medicines like Mahayograj Guggul, Swarna Bhupathi Ras, Panchamrut Parpati, Abhar Parpati and Trilokya Chintamani Ras.

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Asbestos Consumption Health - Benefits | Abhrak Bhasma Health Benefits in Hindi

It is used for many types of health problems such as:

For nervous system diseases such as severe headache, migraine, dementia, memory weakness, Parkinson's disease and vertigo

For mental illnesses like mental weakness, insomnia, depression, stress, hysteria.

To treat stomach ailments such as chest irritation, ulcers, hepatitis, liver enlargement, jaundice and acidity.

For heart and blood diseases like asthma, cough, heart weakness and anemia.

For infertility and impotence of men.

Asbestos Consumption Dose | Abhrak bhasma dose

Adults are prescribed 750 mg. And children up to 250 mg. It should not be given more than

15 mg for infants less than one year old . 30 minutes to G Till

30 mg for children from one to ten years . From 125 mg. Twice a day.

Adults need 125 to 250 mg. Once or twice after a meal.

Asbestos Consumption Side Effects | Abhrak Bhasma Side Effects

Use of this medicine in the health problems mentioned in this article is safe only after taking it according to the doctor. But on taking it, some people may feel side effects like feeling of heartbeat, it is only those who take it daily and in greater quantity to avoid such side effects.This medicine should be taken as per doctor's advice. Should be taken

In the event of a heartbeat, stop this medicine for at least 2 weeks and start again by asking the doctor.

Asbestos Consumption Precautions | Abhrak bhasma precautions

Never try to take this medicine on your own, always take this medicine according to the doctor's instructions.

Pregnant, feeding mothers and children should avoid this medicine.

Keep this medicine in a dry and cool place away from the reach of children.

Avoid taking this medicine in ulcers and bleeding disorders.

Asbestos Consume Maker | Abhrak Bhasma Manufacturer


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Asbestos Bhasma is an amazing Ayurvedic medicine, but its benefits can be only if taken in right quantity or it can be dangerous. This medicine is prepared by different types of Ayurvedic procedures, so it is only right to use it under the supervision of a doctor.