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#1 12-11-2019 10:58:27

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24 hour care at home

The portal 24h care specialist understands itself as an interface between persons for itself or members, a 24-hour support look for and offerers, such care forces.

The switching takes place for the prospective customers risk-free and absolutely free of charge. A goal of the portal is to place the offerers in competition and so to make the best offer for the inquiring possible. By the special questionnaire, it is ensured that all-important information is queried, in order to make the fastest possible treatment possible.

If there are still any questions, a member of staff will contact the interested party to clarify them. As a rule, interested parties receive offers from a maximum of three suppliers from their region within one to three days. Afterwards, the prospective customer, as well as the offerer for the switching for care forces, can close the contract together and with the conclusion, andor signature, can begin the support.

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