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What is Executive PGEXP at IIM, Ranchi?

AS per the B-School EXECUTIVE MBA AT IIM RANCHI, PGEXP is a comprehensive two-year post-graduate “DEGREE PROGRAM” in management. The program is designed for graduates of any discipline / CAs / CSs / ICWAs / professionals having graduate equivalent educational qualification with work / professional / entrepreneurial experience of a minimum of 5 years. Jharkhand and the neighboring region has several large public as well as private sector undertakings that are in need of up-gradation of managerial skills of their employees. Nationalized banks, media houses, state government utilities etc. may choose to sponsor their high performing employees to join the PGEXP program at IIM Ranchi. Similarly, professionals including working executives at private as well as Govt. organizations, CAs, CS, ICWA, Doctors, Lawyers, Independent Consultants, and Entrepreneurs etc. can benefit from the program by self-sponsoring their participation in the PGEXP program.